I Am Young.

My life doesn’t need to be stagnant. I’m young. Life is still fresh and wanderest to me. I have nothing but myself weighting me down. I am young.

This latest trip has been refreshing. I’m currently in Portland, Oregon or “Portlandia, where tattoo ink never runs dry.” This is the first trip I’ve taken in a while by myself FOR myself. I traveled alone all the time when I was seeing Dallas, but this is the first trip in a long time where I’ve supported myself and gone just for fun. Fun fact: Portland’s the shit. Anyways, like I said the trip has been refreshing. It’s been an incredible reminder to how free I really am. I can live anywhere. I can work anywhere. I can be whom ever.

Now I did start this blog post whilst in Portland but I’m finishing it here in Ohio. Trips are always great. You go out into the world gain perspective than come back refreshed or revived and go about your life. This trip sorta did that for me and then some. It woke up my need for change and the freedom or ability to achieve change. I hate my job. Like… Really fucking hate it. I’ve started looking for a new job. I really hate living with my mother in my hometown. I’m looking at apartments. I have nothing but myself holding me back.

It’s so inspiring to think about how much life there is ahead of us as young people. I havent even lived half my life yet. When I get caught up thinking about how I want to achieve this or work for that or wish I was at this point in my life its nice to be able to take a deep breath and remember how much life I have left to achieve everything I want and more. Never forget how free you are and just how easy it really is to change anything that makes you unhappy.



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