I’ve been struggling lately. Negativity has been a huge part of my every day life these past two weeks. Which is awful and really fucking sucks. Once I started recognizing the negative thoughts and how they were effecting my mood and day I knew it was time to make a conscious stop. Now, I know we all go through phases where life is great and we’re on cloud nine than out of no where life is like one huge storm cloud and everything just seriously sucks. These are my current feelings on negativity and my personal tips to try to consciously stop the negative thoughts right in their tracks.

So, we all feel resentful from time to time. It’s okay to be resentful. We’re all human and its a natural emotion. With that being said though do not let the resentment consume you. Yes it happens and its normal but, don’t let it fester and eat you alive. Just because Jessica is always having a better hair day than you or Kevin always seems to have his shit together looking like he has the perfect life does not give you the right to turn dreadfully green my dear. So what life didn’t play you the same cards for success in life. We all have our own paths… Journeys even that we must embark to our OWN success. I’m not gonna go crazy here but I have been resentful as fuck lately! Why didnt my parents set up a college fund for me as a child to help me out now at 22? It would have been real cool to not have “daddy issues” from my alcoholic father. I wish I had more support as a child so I wouldn’t experience PTSD today. So on and so forth. I’ve been dwelling on thoughts like these latley. And guess what? It isn’t cool. Shut the fuck up with your negative thoughts, alright? The glass is half full not half empty.

Glass half full. Do not forget that. Now that we recognize some of the things that make us resentful lets move on. There’s no need to move into Negative Nancy-Ville forever. Fuck that. Either write out or just sit and think what YOU have achieved for yourself. What have you worked hard for? What are you proud of? How far have you come? What obstacles have you overcome? You’re amazing. No matter what. You. Are. Amazing. Stay positive and try to remember a handful of things you’re proud of in the back of your head to pull out every time you start to become a negative nancy. So what Becky’s makeup is on fleek- girl, so is yours! You cannot let anyone else affect your mood.

Not letting anyone else affect your mood brings me to another tip- don’t let others bring you down. Over my birthday weekend I really struggled with this. I’m guilty and I’ll admit it. BUT now that I’ve admitted that I have to move past it. So what some of my friends didn’t come out to celebrate with me for my birthday. I focused on the people who were around and those were the people that mattered most at that moment. Now, not letting others bring you down I personally feel is pretty self explanatory so I’m gonna tie this part into two. The other half being if you aren’t happy make a change. If you’re resentful, jealous, or in any way unhappy change. Change your mind-set. Change your job. Change your friend group. Change your living environment. Change is good! Dont be afraid to change!

To wrap up my bitching and moaning and ranting and tips and thoughts- stay positive. Stop caring so much about other people’s lives. Focus on you. My dear friends the grass is not always greener on the other side. Even though even I don’t always believe myself when I say that I promise it always proves to be true in time.


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