Birthday Week: Day 5

Friday. Today was supposed to be the celebration. The fun stuff. Go out. Let lose. You know. There were Indians baseball tickets, a hotel room, and excitement. Instead, Friday fucking sucked. It was the living worse.

The night started great. I finished my lunch shift for changed and we left to go downtown. Checked into our room, touched up our makeup had a few beers and we were out to the festivities. At the game I told devil man off- called him a scum bag etc. the normal. Than my best friend started fighting with her boyfriend. Her and I go back to the room and it goes down hill from there. The drama and intensity was too much for me so I leave after a while. I walk to the bar in the hotel order a woodford and ginger ale and hangout. I’ve never sat at the bar alone like that before but it was really nice. It was peaceful, no one was angry, you could people watch. It was great. Eventually after my drink I had to go find everyone downtown to meet up and try and finish the night on a positive note. 

Once we all met up the night was fine enough but I still was happier alone at the bar. I shed a few tears before falling asleep. And that was it. That was Friday. 


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