Birthday Week: Day 4

Thursday. The big day. I’m just gonna tell y’all now Thursday wasn’t anything crazy. I worked a double.

The few people who knew it was my birthday kept saying happy birthday which was very sweet but, also made me very uncomfortable. It was too much attention. I started Thursday on a high. Makeup done, spray tan on, slept great, got a free startbucks… All the key points to hit to start your day off right. Got to work that was going well than I started to hit a lull. I started thinking a lot about devil man and bumming myself out about him… Also, I’m pmsing so I’m sure that had something to do with it. 

By dinner I was in a bit of a rut… we were slammed but I was costing. During dinner my sweet sweet brother came in with flowers and the cutest unicorn card! Which honestly made my day and I may…Or may not have teared up big time when I read his card. He’s the best. I really am so blessed to have him around. 

After work when I got home I had a BANGING vegan chocolate cake waiting for me! Along with a weeks worth of vegan food which I am so beyond stoked about. Over all my birthday was solid. Nothing crazy special but also nothing bad. 

Let’s see what Friday holds in store.


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