Birthday Week: Day 2

Tuesday. Two days till my birthday. Today I haven’t done much… And I’m pretty damn happy about it. Sticking to my three “birthday rules” I’m only doing what makes me happy.

So, to make me happy I put on some self tanner, making a bomb vegan soup form scratch, and chilling. Tonight i’m going over my brothers to make vegan buffalo “chicken” wings.

UPDATE: Tuesday got weird… I woke up to a dick pic I never asked for/ never wanted. I got booty called by my ex (devil man) I saved the soup I was making which was almost ruined. It was a weird day. Last night on my drive home from my brothers I couldn’t stop thinking “how the fuck am I going to write about Tuesday”. This birthday series is all about my three rules to live by. I could look at devil mans text as an insult or I can get cocky and not be surprised he’s still trying to get more even though he’s dating a girl he loves… The random dick pic I got? First of all it wasn’t that impressive. Second of all it was from some guy I met on tinder months ago and haven’t talked to for like one or two months now. It’s funny he thinks it’s that great and girls would love getting random dick pics… No girl wants a dick pic unless she asks for it. Period. We don’t get off on staring at pictures of random guys dicks. Sorry fellas.

So, now its Wednesday. Tuesday was chill and filled with too many dicks for my liking. Lets see how today goes.


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