Birthday Week: Day 1

I’m trying to commit to writing every day this week. I turn 22 thursday… How adult. Im trying really hard to focus on a few key positive things this week to make sure I make the most of my week. 1) glass half full, not half empty 2) treat yo-self 3) don’t give any fucks. Let me explain myself real quick. Leading up to my birthday week I have been so hard on myself and negative about it. Thinking I dont deserve to celebrate my birthday because I havent achieved all I wanted by 22. Im sure im not the only one who starts to feel this way in their 20’s.  I was talking to a very dear friend about all this and she stopped me mid soap box rant of negativity towards myself and goes “molly shut up, dont talk like that. Look at what YOU have achieved. You’ve dedicated this year to self-love why dont you look at your birthday as a start to a “new you”” that really inspired me. 2017 is all about improving my lifestyle and everything around me. Age 22 is going to be all about ME. Not about improving my world, but about strictly me. New year new me… New age new me.

So back to the key things I’m focusing on this month.

  1. Glass half full, not half empty. I’m not even going to write about my negative thoughts or how I’ve been looking at the glass half empty. Focusing on the positivity: I went vegan, I adopted my sweet kitty Potato, I’ve improved my credit drastically, I worked towards a savings account I’m really comfortable with, ive improved my acne, and that’s just the list i can think of right now that im proud of.
  2. Treat yo-self. I made it a point to pay all my bills last week so this week I could just treat myself to whatever I want and not have to worry about this bill coming up or that bill just being paid- It’s all taken care of. Today is monday and im going to start the week with a fresh mani pedi and spray tan its 75 degrees in Ohio… In April. I always feel good with a summer tan and clean fresh pretty nails.
  3. Dont give any fucks. Dont give a fuck about your insecurities, how people look at you, or how you think people think of you. This is a boss as bitch kinda week- blow money on yourself only do what makes you happy and don’t give a single fuck about it. Pretty self explanatory.

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