Lights Out.

Friday- St. Patrick’s Day.

I worked a double today. All day I debated going out after work for drinks, but around 7pm it started snowing so I decided to go home clean my room and make some turmeric tea and eat some mashed red skin potatoes with pico de gallo and vegan mayonnaise (so good. so easy)

So, im home hanging out. I have my space heater on, apple tv playing Pandora, lights on, and vacuum going. I’m cleaning doing my thing than black. Pitch black. Everything in my room went out. The rest of the house was fine all the lights were on and everything. This has never happened to me before though. I’m not the best adult. What do I do now? I call my mother. Nothing. Call my sister. Nothing. Call my best friend. Nothing. Alright well fuck me than. I call Dallas, he answers after one ring. I find the electrical box and flip the switch and im back to normal. Sweet. He (per usual) is a life saver. We chat for a while than he goes to grab dinner with a buddy.

I get a message from devil man. “One time?” No, i’m sober as fuck no way. First of all i’m not driving thirty minutes to you at 10pm when i’m sober. Second of all I really don’t feel like shaving my legs. Thirdly the makeup is already off. FINALLY you’re dating someone and I have Dallas around… Now, devil man doesn’t know I have Dallas around. But he doesn’t need to I don’t owe him that. Plus it’s not like Dallas and I are dating. It’s just a weird thing. It would absolutely hurt Dallas’ feelings if I slept with devil man also. Anyways. I tell devil man i’m too sober to agree to bad decisions he’s like your right this is a bad idea ignore me thank you and I just send a kissy emoji and tell him to be safe and have a goodnight. Simple.

A lame Friday night- yes.




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