I’ve been trying to make little changes in my life to improve my over all happiness and well-being. Having my cat Potato has really waken me up.

I’ve cut diary out of my diet which has been a mix of easy and hard. My inner lazy fat kid is having a hard time but in reality its pretty easy. It’s also been helping out A LOT already with my acne. I know I havent shared much at all about my struggle with acne but I have really bad hormonal acne around my chin and jaw area. Cutting diary out is seriously already helping a ton it’s all slowly going away. Which makes me feel so happy and amazing. I’m trying to focus on listening to my body and focus more deeply on natural healing and follow the belief of healing from the inside out.

Another improvement that’s begun is cleaning my living space. I wont step foot into a mall unless I have a bag I’ve gathered to give to goodwill of clothes I havent even looked at in forever. Today I just cleaned out two cabarets in my bathroom. I’m slowly working on minimizing and maximizing my living space. Once i’ve gotten to a happy space I think I want to treat myself to a road trip out to Ikea- the closest one to me is two hours away- I can stay the night in the city its next to and get myself a new bed frame, mirror, and desk. I’ll take Potato with me too of course.

I wanted to include this post because I’ve been really uninspired to post a story or anything juicy so I figured why not document what I’m doing.

2017 is my year of improvement and self-love.


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