I Confess. 

I’m cheating my dick free diet. It’s something I’m embarrassed to share but I’ve been communicating with the tall man who freaked out and was horrifically mean to me because I left him at a bar we met at. I’ll name him “big foot” I need to make this confession though. It’s something I’ve been feeling very guilty and stupid about. 

I unblocked his number and a few days later received a message from him. He started chatting with me and I humored it mildly. He brought up something about starting over or meeting up or something and I agreed to starting over- again still only humoring this man. I don’t have ANY intentions on ever actually meeting up with him. He’s probably drug me or hit me if I didn’t do something he wanted. 99% chance he’d just be crazy as fuck but it’s fun to humor him which I know is horrible.

But to get a how was your day babe etc is nice and obviously it isn’t anything serious and I do not make plans with him… idk I just needed to confess. I know I shouldn’t even humor him. It’s the idea of money if I ever need it. The mild attention. More importantly the lack of commitment and true intimacy. 


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