Dick Free Diet.

I heard this phrase today- I already forget where but the light bulb went off in my head and decided I wanted to make a blog post recoop from the weekend of work and chat about my personal “dick free diet”

What is a dick free diet to me? Obviously no dick but also more importantly no boys period. I was facetiming Dallas last night and he kept trying to persuade me to go on a cruise with him… On one hand it felt really good to be chatting with a man who wouldnt shut up about how much he cared and how he and I would enjoy each others company on the cruise or whatever. But, Id hate being on a cruise with him. Even chatting with him for too long I start to hate it?!

The only pictures I’m confident of are nudes or pictures that exclude my face. That’s not okay. 

I know this blog post is all over the place I’m just typing as I think… clearly no organization to it. 


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