Pretty Kitty.

I woke up yesterday to the most beautiful day. Bright sun and warm weather. Something in me decided today I want to adopt a cat. I want to care and provide for something other than myself. Ive been getting lonely lately and think this is a good decision.

I want an older cat- no kitties- that no one else would adopt like just an ultra weird loving cat and I want to name it potato. Which I know is really weird but I don’t know it’s what I want I guess.

Today I am going to look at cats at a shelter near me to see if I can find my soul mate cat there. Well see.

Yesterday I felt so sad and empty leaving without a cat… I went with my mother to look and see and there was this FAT cat named louie- he was basically as big as me- not really he was like 25 pounds but seriously fucking huge ass cat and I loved that! He was really friendly and loved affection but we didn’t bond… Petting him all I could think was this was nice but It wouldn’t be nice for the next ten years. I don’t mean that in a harsh way at all. A cat is a commitment though they live till they’re like 17-20. (also why I want a grown cat… fewer years together)

*8 hours later*

I found my love… Shes rubbing against my laptop as we speak. Her name is Potato, Nubs, Tatter, Tots… The name is clearly a work in progress but she is amazing. She just snuggles me and lives for attention and love. I left her in my room and she went under my bed waiting for me to come back. She is pure perfection. She doesn’t have a tail- its a nub. Have I mentioned she is perfect?


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