I Mean Think About It.

Human interaction. Manners. Decency. Service industry.

Last Friday night at work I had three suburban mothers sitting at a high top during happy hour. It was only me and one other server on at this time and we were slammed. I forgot to ring in happy hour pricing on one of the many apps they got. At the end of there visit I gave the checks and all was good. Until I came back to take the checks to cash them out.

The mother whom I’d forgotten to do the correct pricing for pulled me aside and goes you didn’t give me happy hour on this app- and we were here for the whole happy hour time. This shouldn’t be like this I mean think about it… like think about it. *It was a fucking mistake you horrendous suburban house wife. Also it was a three dollar difference. Don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot trying to scam you on three dollars* I politely tell her I’m sorry and that it was a total mistake and I’ll fix it no biggie! I’m as cute and bubbly as can be about it. But she proseeds to comment yeah I mean cause like look at it like think about that it doesn’t make sense. *bitch fucking duh I’ll fix it just fuck off*

It put me in a funk for the rest of the evening at work… to talk down to another human over something so minor. I work extremely hard and it’s only me supporting myself. It’s never okay to treat another human in such a way. Treat others how you wish to be treated. Put out positivity to the world.

That one individual had me feeling really wishy washy all night and I had to post something about it.


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