Dallas. Right now. 

Dallas has become a hard topic.

He’s become confusing to me and I’ve found myself disinterested. After we fought and ended whatever relationship we had I thought that was it. Done deal.

But of course I drunk texted him. Because I’m not me if I drink too much woodford and drunk text everyone I’ve ever cared about. It’s fine. Anyways, I wished him the best explaining (drunk style) why I was no longer happy and called it a night. He threw a few jabs the following day I’m assuming because he was hurt which is cool I get it. I’d do the same. Moving forward I didn’t respond to the jabby message and continued to live my life.

The day after Valentine’s Day I receive a message from none other than mr Dallas himself. “How was your Valentine’s Day” well to be honest it was amazing I practiced self love, my credit score went up by 55 points cause I paid off hella dept, bought a new purse, sent my old purse away to get repaired, worked made some fat cash and went home happy. That’s me telling you how my day was. I just told him it was a very positive day like the dweeb I am. Again, it’s fine.

ANYWAYS! This hole post is to talk about him being confusing AF. So, the post Valentine’s Day messages continued and he said he missed me… vomit, vomit everywhere. I hate when people express feelings to me that I don’t reciprocate. It makes me so uncomfortable. Just to clear things up though I do care for Dallas very deeply he was extremely helpful and very important to have had in my life. I wish him nothing but happiness and success on all his endeavors. Now with that being said I don’t miss him I don’t fantasize about him nada. Nothing romantic at all. That’s all out the window. UNTIL- wait for it- Dallas sends me a sappy message saying he doesn’t think about people often but he does with me and asked if I’m smiling and using crazy hand gestures as always to express myself and how he had true feelings for me. To be honest I’m not sure if it was the PSM or my grinch heart growing but I most defiantly got a little watery eyed. I didn’t cry. No crying. My eyes welled up though.

So, he gives me this sappy message I send it to my bff we both awh over it than he gets annoying again real quick and ruins the moment. He wants to talk- he wants to hear my voice- do him this one favor- please- for ole times sake blah blah blah. Now back to the vomit everywhere cause I don’t wanna no thank you nuhuh. So the convo ends I end it very promptly and polite.

But, I proceeded to want to sober express why I left. Sober is worse than drunk me. I have no excuses. No safety net. So, I tell him so on and so forth than he goes from sappy message Dallas to I miss you as a friend nothing romantic could happen with me you don’t get me I don’t blame you and at this point I’m just set. I’m confused and I don’t care to be enlightened. I don’t have the interest or the care to nurture this convo anymore so I just don’t respond.

P.s. I wasn’t sure what feature image to add to this post… so it’s a pic of me eating a banana waiting to take my bff into plan parent hood for birth control on Valentine’s Day. The end.


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