Dallas Pt.3 The Final Trip

The last adventure.

I struggled packing… I struggled leaving… I struggled traveling.

At this time I was dating the boy and I was confusing his companionship for true feelings. I felt guilty leaving him to go see my other boyfriend and he had no idea. He also drove me… That was his offering, not my asking. Just to be clear. I’m not that evil. The boy drove me to and from the airport for each trip. I packed the night before leaving. I couldn’t pick any outfits to bring I didn’t want to go…

Leaving was not any easier, getting out of the boys bed in the morning was hard. Find the motivation was the hardest.

Above all, the struggle to travel was the hardest. When I arrived at the airport it wasnt the usual airport I travel out of so I was a bit lost there. Once I found security I went through smoothly- as usual. Its one of my pet peeves when people go through security and don’t have everything in sorts; they forget to take off their earrings or dont take their laptop out of a bag etc it just extends time waiting to move along. Anyways, while i was going through security there was a man in the line next to me who was literally losing his shit because he was going to be late. He was yelling at the employees and just freaking out making everyone around nervous and uncomfortable. I move along to my gate which is a two second walk- the airport I traveled out of was extremely small- I sit at my gate for a good ten to fifteen minutes when along comes this man screaming waiting! Hold the doors! Wait! I’m gonna miss my flight!! He gets to the flight attendants at the door who inform him that he’s missed his flight and he continues to throw his bags around screaming fuck over and over. Bad start to the travels… I fly into Chicago for a short lay over where I have a moment. I cry. I panic. I call and text my sister. I look up grey hounds and consider leaving the airport right there. I was freaking out. I didn’t want to be with Dallas I didnt want to be away from my family and friends I didnt want to do any of it.

I went to Dallas for five days and was there for new years. The trip wasnt very eventful like the previous trips. I don’t really want to go into detail. I didn’t enjoy Dallas’ company I felt claustrophobic in his condo the whole week… We ate out a lot, he showed me around, we tried to buy me a car- failed cause my credit- he took me to the spa, we went to a night club for the new year, and that was about it. It wasnt anything special… I had lost romantic interest in him which I felt horrible about. I slept next to a man I only wanted a friendship with…


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