Diary No.5


My mother; my wicked mother. Shes betrayed me more times than I can keep track of over the years. She is a selfish women and she always has been. Its upsetting. When her husband harassed me and abused me she was  be found. She recently stole money from me.

My insurance used to be set up through her account when I changed policies money was refunded to me from the previous policy. It went back into her account. I gave her cash every month for the insurance. When this money was refunded I told her to put it straight to my auto loan which also came out of her account and again I gave her cash for every month. When I checked my auto loan account I learned she stole from me. She paid the minimum amount and kept the rest. She also asked me for 40 bucks here 20 bucks there each time I told her I didn’t have the money to loan. My mother barely works she realize on marital support. Only working the minimum amount. I didn’t loan her any money because I knew id never get it back.

Loaning money isn’t an issue for me I don’t mind helping my loved ones especially when they need help! We all need help sometimes… I recently loaned my sister money to pay rent. I loaned my sister money because she works hard and I know shell pay me back within a week or two. Her and i work hard. We hustle. My mother… She is a selfish, manipulative, and lazy women who realize on men to pay her bills and take care of her. When she doesn’t have a man to take care of her she turns out with a repo car, electricity turned off, water gone, etc. She is a stupid women.

I’m filled with anger writing this post. Im shocked and hurt… She stole money wasnt going to tell me than continued to ask to borrow money. Its upsetting and disgusting. I work very hard to make sure my bills are taken care of. When I couldn’t pay my bills I found a way to take care of it. I found stupid rich men who I had to pretend to like to give me money. I hustle.  I don’t want to rant about this… I could go on and on…

I’m going to end this post with wise words my sister taught me and have always stuck with me. “No one will take care of you but you.”- CH


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