Diary No.4


I want to try my best to write a diary post every day for the rest of this month.

I’ve been in bed all day today… I was in bed all day yesterday too. Besides work I don’t have much to do. There isn’t much I want to do. I’ve been watching a show called Reign on Netflix which has been consuming my free time. All my free time.

I’m not looking forward to much- just living through the motions. I had a restaurant nightmare last night. It started at a hotel with girlfriends we were getting ready to go explore or do something I’m not sure what but I got a text from my restaurant saying I needed to come in for a emergency meeting with all the staff- front of house and back of house. When I arrived there was talk and bickering I don’t remember what about. At some point during the meeting we all had to draw a name out of a hat to chose a position we had to work to switch roles so we could understands each other’s roles better. Mine was all positions… line cook, GU, manager, bartender,  and chef. I was both stressed and furious. How was I supposed to pay my bills working hourly all week- I needed cash per shift not an hourly wage that would be taxed and I wouldn’t see for two plus weeks! It wasn’t far! I don’t remember what happened between selecting my position and starting work- but I remember I had to start immediately and didn’t have none slip shoes with me. My first shift was line cook and the last thing I remember before waking up was having to stand in the kitchen not wearing any shoes. I remember looking down at my freshly pedicured toes on the disgusting grease filled tiles.

I woke up stressed not knowing where I was for a minute. I checked my phone- it was 12 in the afternoon and I was in my bed.


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