Dallas Pt. 2 Vegas


Vegas was a wonderful experience. Everything went smooth- the experience was truly joyful. I saw the Grand Canyon, rode a helicopter, walked the strip, gambled for the first time, did all the first time Vegas things.

“Dallas” and I had a blast it was only two nights and three days. Day one we arrived around dinner time and met at the airport. We checked into our room and left to walk to a buffet on the strip for food. We were thrilled to be together. On the walk to the buffet I couldn’t stop looking around the strip all the people all the views. Day one wasn’t much.

Day two- Grand Canyon! This was an all day excursion. This also was the number one thing I was looking forward to. It was an 8 plus hour bus ride with meals included and minimal pit stops. We slept on the ride, watch the movies the plaid on the bus, searched our phones did anything to pass the time. When we finally got to the Grand Canyon it was… breathe taking. Honestly. Even looking out to the canyons in person it was so breathe taking it still looked like a picture. I can’t express how enchanting this moment was. After the Canyon we rode alllllllll the way back and that was basically our entire day.

Day 3- this day was basically a free for all we had no set plans but to check out all the hot tourist spots. We ate at the Paris room which is the absolute cutest hotel I’ve hands down ever been in. We walked the strip and gambled and explored… at night was the highlight- helicopter ride over the city! Another absolutly amazing experience. I smiled so big that I thought I was going to start crying it was so cool and so special. It was such a short ride but so worth it.

I don’t have much to share about “Dallas” in Vegas. This trip was more about the experiences than the relationship… we had a lot of fun together but it was all about sharing these expierences over sharing our time together.

This trip will always be a special one to me. I will forever be greatful to “Dallas” for providing such experiences to me.


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