Diary No. 2

I learned my lesson…

I was threatened. I’m not sure how to start this post… I met my final guy on a sugar daddy site and he was exactly what everyone warns you of. My sugar daddy/baby account was deactivated for a while and I reactivated it just to see not looking for anything per say and I saw a man early thirties fairly handsome in my city and decided to see what was up with him. We chatted and exchanged numbers messaged and snap chatted for a few days than met at a pompous bar around the city.

On the day we were meeting he was very persistent on trying to get me to meet him at his condo. There was light banter such as “#feartheboner”. I was very firm and clear that that wasn’t an option and I’d only meet him in public. How persistent and rude he was about trying to get me to meet him at his condo was the first red flag. I meet him at a bar I already know I hate. This bar supported trump during his campaign and it’s always full of pricks, superficial girls, and wanna be’s. I’ve never enjoyed my time there.

At the bar I meet him- tall, early thirties, sweet smile. We were off to a good start. He was there with a buddy which was fine even more of a good start- he has friends and seems normal and friendly. At the bar he kept running into all his friends. At one point his buddy from out-of-town asked us how we met I declared we met on tinder and he told his buddy “haha no I met her on that site I was telling you about” what the fuck. Okay so that’s the beginning of the night going downhill. We were sitting at a table and my drink spilled on a man across from me- I apologize and offer to buy him a new drink. Which is what I would do anywhere- the man I met there who was sitting next to me texts me saying “he’s nobody” I texted back saying my drink spilled on him I feel bad and I’m buying him a new drink the man replies “he has a vagina” “he will be okay” harsh much? I mean Jesus. The night continued going downhill and I was too drunk to drive myself back to the suburbs. My girlfriend offers to come get me and I thank her perfusley!

While waiting for my girlfriend who was maybe 45 minutes away he’s putting his number in another’s girls phone which was yes rude but honestly fine because my ride was on her way and this night was about to be over soon thankfully. When my girlfriend texted me that she was five minutes away I grab my jacket and purse to head to the bathroom before the ride home I see he’s off chatting with two other girls so I just go. At this point I don’t see a need to say bye I’m just ready to go. While I’m using the restroom his horrible messages begin. I’d like to insert a few but I think I’ll refrain just because they were so lengthy and so mean. It starts with a simple “left without a goodbye” I told him he wasn’t giving me any attention we weren’t a match and I was leaving. He asks if I’m inside or outside or if I drove I told him my girlfriend is getting me etc. The messages became vicious calling me a bitch, dumb, ungrateful, and telling me to go fuck myself. He said I was insecure and didn’t deserve his time I didn’t earn it etc etc for each message he sent I simply told him we weren’t a match enjoy your evening you do you in some variation.

The next day sober me was shocked still at how horrible and mean his messages were last night. Than at work he messages me. I’m shocked I thought last night was it he said horrible things and I’d never see or hear from him again. So to see I had a message was shocking it read “Molly is a BAD girl. A mean girl” I responded saying did you see what you said to me Jesus Christ. His response was “drunk… tired… disrespected… sorry hope u are too darling” now before I quote exactly what I said while he said horrible things to me just because I left him even though he was surrounded by friends I didn’t say anything mean or negative. My response the next day to him was… “Drunk turns you into a self-righteous jack ass?? That must really suck. I was sorry until you went physco. I’m not sorry I left such a pompous prick at a bar- that was the most half ass apology” he lost it. Threatened if I went to that bar in the future I’d be beaten up spit on thrown out like trash and called me a cunt… he than blocked my number which honestly thank god. I blocked his as well just to be safe.

So I thought that was it he was insane but he blocked me and were good now. I than see this man FOUND my social media accounts which I didn’t share with him and blocked me on those… my instagram has almost always been public so I’m sure he saw my pictures before blocking me… it was a scary situation. I made my IG private changed my username to something not easily findable changed my profile picture to just a picture of the Grand Canyon without me in the picture. I think I’ll be safe now. This man literally went insane because I left him at a bar… I’ll be sharing more of my sugar daddy site experiences in the future but I am indeed off the site FOR GOOD now. This was a scary and shocking experience for me… and a brutal wake up call to the dangers of online sites.


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