Dallas Pt. 1 Dallas

The trip was short- only one night and two days. I flew in with spirit on a direct flight and flew out the next day with the same airline.

This trip was to meet in person- Dallas and I talked for a month before he flew me out to visit with him. We talked on the phone every day and facetimed whenever we could as well.

When I arrived I wasn’t nervous at all I remember leaving the gates and casually looking for a tall dark and handsome man. When I found him he smiled we side hugged and off we went. The first thing he told me on the walk to his car was that he had good news and bad news. The good news was that he got me a spa appointment and the bad news was the we had to go now. Personally I didn’t see any bad news to that get off the plane and go straight to the spa? All positive no negative to that! We walk and walk… past a Range Rover past a Porsche past a BMW and I’m wondering what he drives… a black Jaguar. We stick my bag in the trunk and off to the spa we had. I received a facial, body wrap, and massage from an adorable esti named kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn asked a lot of questions how old is he? Where’d you meet? Where does he stay? Are you two dating? Etc etc… I replied with a love story lie- we met in Cleveland- where I live- he was visiting on business and we hit it off emediatly and we just had to see each other again so he flew me out to him. Total 50 shades of grey fairytale lie.

We leave the spa and he takes me to my hotel apron request. When we were planning my visit I refused to not have a hotel what if we couldn’t stand each other in person? What if I needed space? What if anything! So anyways, he takes me to my hotel to change for dinner. He had me at the Sheraton hotel in a presidential suit… It was massive especially for only staying for one night! He kisses me for the first time and leaves to let me get ready for dinner. I do my makeup- full beat. Contour bake and all! We eat at a sushi spot in uptown which is a fun very pretentious area of Dallas. We chat we laugh and we watch the news- the presidential debate is going on and we watch to see who our next president will be. After dinner we head back to his high rise condo over looking down town Dallas. It’s a nice one bedroom condo- clean and modern. I ended up sleeping over that night. It was special we enjoyed each other’s company laughing a lot and talking a lot.

He gifted me SUPER cute black micheal Kors booties a salmon pink dress and a necklace all well picked out. In the morning he took me back to my hotel to get breakfast in the exuctive lounge while he left to work for a few hours. I ate fruit and extra crispy home fries with guacamole and hot sauce and of course lottsa coffee! I went back to my room packed showered all that and hung out napped lounged while I waited for him to finish working. He picked me up we ate lunch at a New Orleans style restaurant across from his condo and off I went back to Cleveland.


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