2016 In A Nutshell

New year same me.

I’m 21 learning, growing and living my life….

2016 was an incredibly insane year, everyone says 2016 was horrible even the worse year yet. I disagree. I believe that 2016 was both horrible and amazing all in its own way. I had my heart broken, I found my independence, and I experienced a lot of positive and negative memories both that I was able to learn from.

I started 2016 Independent free and alive- I started a serving job and was making cash I’d never seen myself before, I had the freedom to do whatever whenever I felt like I was on top of the world. I owned my confidence and I only had myself to thank for it. I was always working always had money to blow on new clothes fun girls nights and freedom… It was amazing I felt incredible, a few months into the years comes the “heart break” I went on my first date of 2016 in February and it went down hill from there for a few months. Well first it went up hill than obviously down hill. I can explain…

So the heart break part- I went on a date with a man we’ll call “devil boy” yall will understand in a bit. The first date was perfect I was smittened! I showed up in sexy black pumps from saks fifth, tight AF jeans from top shop, and a sophisticated black blouse from banana republic with a fun statement necklace from who knows- I was banging. Obviously in my humble opinion. Anyways, I’m sorry I’m getting carried away now I can get more into style and being ultra conceited- so the date went amazing he was perfect from the second we started talking I knew I’d end up loving this “Devil boy” and I did… but unfortunately he didn’t love me back and eight months later… eight wasted months later began the heart break. Now I’m a bit of a “ripper” im being dramatic saying that. A bit of a ripper none the less though.

So, the heartbreak part is fairly covered for now. On to the hustle part- now keep in mind this isn’t all the hustle- this is just the negative experience. A girlfriend at my “great” serving job told me about a site… a site where men pay for your time- a sugar daddy site. Like any 21 year old I was experiencing some financial hardships and wondering how to stay afloat so I checked out the site and it sucked. Omg it was the living worse! I met a man we’ll name “Lemon” he’s a disgusting man… married wealthy and has two YOUNG children. The living worse. But and seriously I mean BUT- I also met another man from the site well just name “Dallas” who’s been an incredible influence on me and my life. I’ll make post all about the site and my experience later down the road. I think its really important to share my experiences on my sugar daddies experience. For now this is just a nutshell of the year.

So focus: overview- I had my heart broken, gained life experience, went on a ripper spree. 2016 was ridiculous… and I cannot wait to share all my crazy stories from the year with you.

Xoxo lil babies


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